Day 5 – Happy Saturday!

So weekends can be a “problem”.  The week is really simple to get into a routine:


My kids BEG for the "ChooChoo Train". Not dissapointing my children is a great motivation for push-ups


But then you have Saturday, where you sleep in till 10am, don’t eat till noon, don’t feel like working out and just veg or play for the day.  I’ll be honest, that is quite often my idea of a good Saturday.  Just NOT FOR THE NEXT 85 days.  You may have exactley 1 day of complete rest, let’s make it tomorrow.

Just because today doesn’t fit your 9 to 5 schedule, stay on your eating and calorie schedule!  Make sure to get your heart rate up today (building a snowfort with your kids CAN be a workout, GET CREATIVE!).

We’re skipping the gym today, but we’ll run to the park (2 miles).  Fun, family day


One Response to “Day 5 – Happy Saturday!”

  1. We did run to they gym, then to the store, then for a walk home. A little more than 6 miles total.

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