Did Someone Just Push Me?

I was feeling kind of whinney this morning. My shins still hurt a little bit from wearing the bad shoes two days ago; and I felt that was a very good excuse to be a slug today.  But Mr. Peppy and Perky said getting blood going in my legs would fix the discomfort… I SO didn’t want him to be right.

Today I ran farther and worked out better than I have in a very long time. Once I pushed myself(or got push) into the run, the exercise endorphins kicked in and I actually started to enjoy it. By the time I got to the gym, I was energized and ready to hit the equipment. I never would have thought I would hit this point after only three days of running. (You have to realize, I have not really run outside since I was ten)

In our Marriage I am right so often; I suppose it really was Kirk’s turn.



One Response to “Did Someone Just Push Me?”

  1. I talked vicky into doing a p90x workout this afternoon, she almost admitted to liking it. I think it’ll do good things for her reboot.

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