Day 4 – Things should be getting easier/harder

Its been 4 days.  The world shouldn’t be shaking yet, but if everything is going as planned things should have started to take effect.  If you’ve started to see a little dipping in the scale AWESOME, so have I.  If not, DON’T BE DISCOURAGED, neither has Natalie.  The first week (Tier 1) is really only about getting used to that new eating/exercising regement.  Something that hopefully most of you have done.

I’ve talked mostly about nutrition, because frankly, over the internet thats far easier to do.  But being day 4, we all should have done SEVERAL cardio workouts and at LEAST 1 strength workout (hopefully 2).  How is our training going?

We should all be breaking a sweat, working on balance, core and stabilization.  This isn’t just cuz “abs are cool” and balance is fun but because EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS CORE AND BALANCE.



FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  Approximatly 33% of your day is spent in a state of controlled FALLING.  33% of your day is spent in a state of mild JUMPING and 33% of your day just BALANCING.

Think about walking up or down a flight of stairs.  You concentrically push yourself up or off(mild jump).  Briefly, you isometrically balance precariously on one foot (on stairs no less).  Then on the way down you are eccentrically controlling a fall of 6-10 inches (depending on the stairs) to catch yourself safely on the next one (all to start the process over again).

SO WHAT KIRK?!?  Here’s the thing, a vast majority of orthopedic injuries are caused my someone not being able to adequatley do one of these three things.  So here very soon, we are going to be adding some weight and resistance to our training.  But before we start impeding on the kinetic chain (fancy way of saying the Musculoskeletal system, as if that wasn’t fancy enough) we should make sure its prepared to lift, stabalize and drop resistance safely.


So, as I was saying, we need to be working on our balance, core and stabilization.



Natalie calls this "Coco The Bear"

Natalie calls these "Spousal Abuse"


6 Responses to “Day 4 – Things should be getting easier/harder”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lori Carpenter, Kirk Westwood. Kirk Westwood said: Day 4 – Things should be getting easier/harder: – If you haven’t gotten with us yet, it really isn’t too late. #Health […]

  2. I especially like Spousal Abuse…That sounded a lot better in my head…

  3. Hey Soul Sisters,
    The balance thing is super important for women who have had kids. Pregnancy really kills our balance more than we realize and we have to work to get it back.

  4. I think I spend 45% of my day falling. Since moving to a house with stairs (in the last 6 months) I’ve fallen down the stairs about 12 times…twice while holding Henry..lucky I was able to angle myself both times so I took all the fall and he wasn’t hurt. But can we say clutz much? Natalie….I miss you 😦 I thought about calling you today but figured you’d be at the gym.

  5. Oh by the way Kirk, you look like you are going to fly face first into that water if you don’t keep your balance. Just curious if that’s ever happened?

  6. interestingly enough kersten, there is a weird optical illusion in that picture. I’m probably 6 ft from the edge of the lake. If you know what you are looking for you can kind of see it. But once you mentioned it, you’re right. I look like I’m right at the edge.

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