Day 4 – Shall we run?

I’ve had a Nike+ account since the first 90dayReboot 2 years ago.  I’ve always been a fan.  However, I got new shoes (ASCICS), that iPod broke, I was broke so I never bothered to stick with it.  Today, I found that there is a Nike+ iPhone app that does everything my shoe sensor/reciever app did and WAY WAY more (they did add most of the features to the other devices, they just weren’t there when I was using it).

Long story-short.  I bought the app (I think it was 2 bucks) I started a new account and now I want to run with all of you.  If you have an iPhone, SERIOUSLY, go buy the app!  Add me as a friend and we can play running TAG (its a game

on there, it seems fun, but I need peeps).

Either way, I’ll be tweeting and FBing all my running times and stats, so you can follow along.

ALSO, while I have your attention!  I found another app for my iPhone that I downloaded today (very slow day at work).  Its called Nike Training Camp and its FREE!  It is very very close to being as good as a personal trainer.  Having said that, you need to understand that I have the $1.99 Men’s Health Personal Trainer App, the $1.99 Women’s Health Personal Trainer App, the $1.99 Self MagazinePersonal trainer app, the free Jillian Personal Trainer App and the $1.99nNavy Seal Fitness guidlines and workouts App BUT the FREE Nike Training Club app blows them all away, (and I read Men’s Health like the bible, and wasn’t a fan of my Nike shoes, so this ISNT brand loyalty)

Just thought I’d send some good ideas your way.  Keep those emails and comments rolling!  Loving all the stories I’m hearing of peoples Reboots!!!



2 Responses to “Day 4 – Shall we run?”

  1. I’m hoping to upgrade to an iPhone in early April. Can I start my Reboot then? 😛

    • Lyz- haha, if you wait til May 1 you can join me when I start my 90dayrebootTNG (the next generation for any non-Star Trek nerds) cuz 90 days isn’t going to be enough for me :-p

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