Rebooters!!! Glad to have you! (UPDATED)

We now have nearly 2 dozen confirmed participants and over 200 daily readers to our blog!  This is outstanding and we are CRAZY excited to have such a good response this quickly!


Many people, have through various means (phone calls, comments, private emails and carrier pigeons) told me that they weren’t going to be providing a “before” picture.  THAT IS TOTALLY FINE!  But please, TAKE ONE!  I don’t need it (I’d like it) but it isn’t for me.

I was heavy for a long time, I really didn’t realize quite how heavy till I was able to see the contrast.  5lbs is noticable!!! Not in the mirror, but in a photo!  So don’t stress about not submitting a photo!  Just as long as you take one.

Step 2. (this one is a little more daring) show it to someone.  Tell them your goal.  Accountability is a powerful motivator.  Make your goal tangible, solid, and real.  Share it!  Make not attaining that goal an unpleasant thought.  We can do this!

For anyone who might be curious.  Our ranks include: women, men, several nursing mothers, a few trying to gain weight, many trying to lose weight, several just wanting to tone up,  and a few just wanting a healtier diet!

As I have with most of them.  I am happy to provide answers to any specific questions you have about your exact situation.

KiKi (or Kikkers)

Dude (thats what I call him)

Still accepting photos!





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