Pretty isn’t always Practical

everyone needs a little support



This morning I needed a bit of a sociological boost; so I put on my pretty purple sports bra. It is not as supportive as my other bras but I wanted to feel pretty today… MISTAKE. I will never wear this bra running again.


As soon as the girls started bouncing, I knew I had made the wrong choice for my support system. I used to be a D-cup; after having two kids, I am a comfortable B. (Kirk is not very happy about that) I had forgotten how much my blouse bunnies could throw off my ability to breath. I also noticed how much worse my posture is when my front cargo is not strapped down.


So, I guess from now on I will be wearing my boring, black, functional bras.



7 Responses to “Pretty isn’t always Practical”

  1. I can totally sympathize Natalie. Oh course my girls went the other way. I was barely an A before having kids and have gone up to a hefty C since. Needless to say I heartily miss the no bra days. And most days at the gym I double sports bra it for minimal movement…I believe I learned this from you 🙂

  2. being a single guy i can’t really say anything here except that i’m blushing. : )

    i just got on to let you guys know that if you’re going to post multiple times a day, it makes it difficult for some of us to keep up with you.

  3. Natalie, you are my hero. Thank you for bringing the term “blouse bunnies” into my life. What would I do without you?

    And here’s hoping you can find some pretty AND functional sports bras in the near future. For cheap. ♥

  4. I know goose. But think of it like a magazine. You read the articles that jump out to you. And I only post twice am/pm and natlaie once. (and occasionally an extra if something pops up)

  5. Lyz, I am so glad I can enrich your life like that.

  6. I just learned that for us better-endowed ladies, you’re supposed to have an exercise bra that separates the girls instead of squishing them in to a uniboob. Good luck with your quest!

  7. Vanessa — They MAKE those? I must needs go shopping, I guess. Except I’m not allowed to run so maybe I’m okay.

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