Day 2 – “when” not “what” is the most important (for now)

2:00pm Greek yogurt (totally digging the pomegranite)

5:00pm Costco hotdog.

So I know what you (should be) are thinking A COSTCO hotdog!?!?! (Its way better than the pizza) So after work I had a lot to get done.  I went out and was running errands and realized that it had been nearly 3 hours.  It wasn’t a big deal I always keep a clif bar with me for just such and emergency….. except this time.  So I calculated my calories for the day, realized I was still really low, but most importantly, at this stage keeping your digestive system working is really important.  Calories down, on schedule, thats all we really need to care about at the moment.  The “what” becomes important later.

How are you guys doing?  Loving the questions and direct emails, btw.  I’m here to help, answer questions and provide any assistance I can.  Feel free to use me (in a strictly NON prison movie kind of way)

7:30pm Some laughing cow cheese and multigrain crackers


7 Responses to “Day 2 – “when” not “what” is the most important (for now)”

  1. So I shouldn’t feel bad about the piece of cornbread I’m about to jam into my face to go with my totally healthy soup? Awesome.

    • Meg,

      yup in Tier 1, thats what I’m saying. Provided that your calories are within the parameters you have set to reach your goal… a piece of cornbread isn’t going to kill you.

      Right now, what we need to be most concerned about is keeping to smaller meals on a semi regular timeline. What many of my clients have found (because its just true) is if they miss/skip a 3 hour window when the 6 hour rolls around they eat WAY more than they would have on the two meals combined.

      Keep em small, keep them often. Tier 2 (publishing in a few more days) is when things start getting a little more specific.

      (were you still gonna submit the pic you mentioned when the camera thief got home?)


  2. Adam Brooks Says:

    I ate really well today. I stuck to the schedule, and I had really yummy healthy food all day long…and then after my delicious dinner of lamb and beans I wanted… A chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk. It was killing me, so with the encouragement of my trusty sidekick Kiki I opted for the banana instead. So I’m still going strong.
    P.S. P90x is amazing Kirk, I can hardly move without groaning from pain.

  3. I went shopping today and stocked my fridge full of salad foods and fiber. I didn’t get any dessert food even though it nearly jumped off the pages of my cookbook and dragged me to the store. So as far as nutrition goes how are pickled jalapeños?

  4. Hey Kirk, I get hungry about every hour and a half to two hours. is that bad? Drinking all the water helps to curb it but I ususally can’t wait two and a half hours and three just about kills me.

    • Kikkers,

      2 answers to that.

      1) Try making your meals higher in protein and fiber (I’ll get more into this in
      tier 2). Protein is heavier, takes longer to digest and makes you feel fuller longer. And fiber has a cool satiating effect. it slows digestion a little making your body leach even more nutrients out of your food. Eggs (especially egg whites) lentils, beans, mixed nuts. Great choices for little meals and snacks that should help you make it 2-3 hours.

      2) If that still isn’t working and your hungry. Eating every 90 minutes isn’t going to hurt UNLESS IT AFFECTS CALORIES. If by eating the extra 2 or 3 times a day you add 200-500 calories. Then no, not a solid plan. Keep calories to your cap, and there is a little bit of leniency to that.


  5. Kirk, I’m a big fan of greek yogurt myself. It has a better ratio of carbs to protein than regular yogurt. Since I’m hypoglycemic I pay attention to this kind of stuff. I’m supposed to balance my carbs & proteins…for each 15 g carbs I need at least 7 g protein to balance it out. Most yogurts are too high in sugar so I just buy the plain variety, which is usually higher in protein anyways. And then add a small amount of fresh or frozen fruit to it. Though this still might be too bitter for some people. I love it. By the way..I love the greek yogurts with the real honey…so yummy….but it does have a bit more sugar than I need, so I only eat it occasionally. Or I add just a touch of honey to a plain variety. If you haven’t tried it yet, do, it’s great.

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