Day 2 – baby steps are good (but wear the right shoes)

I have to get to work, so this mornings will be brief:

6:45am – Muscle Milk

9:30am – post workout shake

11:ooam – tuna fish sandwhich (I found an awsome product called “sandwhich thins”. They are like a skinny hamburger bun made of a pita(ish) type bread.  Only 100calories in the bun as opposed to 90-140 per slice of normal bread)


Our workout this morning stepped it up a bit.  Natalie made it probably 20% further before we had to stop our run to the gym.  I’m crazy proud of her effort (and her not having smuthered me in my sleep yet — but we do have 88 more days).


She was complaining of her feet really hurting.  Which is when I realized — I’M AN IDIOT.

Natalie has been working out in KangaROOS we bought her on clearance in 2006.  Just walking around the gym or on the eliptical thats fine.  But if your 90dayReboot includes street or treadmill running – you serioulsy might need some shoes.  The impact on ankles, knees, hips and spine are INSANE.  You can serioulsy injure yourself if you aren’t careful.  So make sure you are using all the right equipment for the workouts you are doing…

Unsure.  Ask me.  I’ve got answers, insights, stores and specific programs I can reccomend for you!


9 Responses to “Day 2 – baby steps are good (but wear the right shoes)”

  1. I recently had to get rid of my turquoise and bright pink ‘Roos. Almost broke my heart. But yeah, they’re awful running shoes.

  2. A little while back I got some Nike shoes with the sensor in them, that is really cool being able to track how far you have run. Great way of setting goals. Granted, you have to have an ipod or iphone but if you have one it’s a great motivator.

  3. Ok Kirk, any advice on how to get more flexibility in my back? I’ve had back problems since the 9th grade and have always had a tight back, but it’s of course getting worse with age. So any advice on how to loosen it up?

    • Kersten,

      define tight. Can’t touch your toes? Can’t stand up straight? Two very different things. However, for either I would highly recommend you look into self myofascial release. There are TONS of websites that get you the stretches you need for particular things as well as most trainers (especially NASM) can give you some pointers and get you on a stretching regime for lots of back problems. More details and I can get more specific.


  4. I think I dropped my ball?

    Still sick. I ended up sleeping until 1 today (oh the joys of having a husband who works from home!) That’s probably not so great to start with, but then I didn’t eat anything until maybe 1:45. (I was pinned to the bed by a nursing baby.) This most likely means I need a bedside snack for occasions like this. Any suggestions, Kirk? I can’t have anything with cow’s milk or soy in it since Juls is sensitive to it. Or chocolate. My digestive track isn’t back to normal yet so it’s sensitive to stuff like chocolate and tomatoes. (Cheese, chocolate, marinara sauce, salsa, ketchup, soy sauce — all my comfort foods/favorite condiments are gone.)

    • Lyz,
      Buy a bag/bags of various trail mixes. They are by definition filling and there are tons of variety. Yes, many contain chocholate, but there are a lot of dried fruit options as well. Mixed nuts are good too. They keep well and can absolutely be left by you bed for days without fear of spoiling.

      I’m researching some other options I thought of, but it seems all of them either have milk or soy.


  5. Kirk, I can touch my toys and stand up straight. But I can’t bend backwards at all. In 9th grade the Dr told me I basically had the opposite of scoliosis. My lower back muscles are naturally too tight….if I didn’t think about it I’d stand with my back curved in and tummy sticking out. The tight muscles in my back cause my back to spasm…hence the pain. Part of the problem is that with kids I’ve lost a lot of stomach muscle which helps counter act the back-which I’m slowly working on, but of course as I’ve aged it has continued to get tighter, and I need to find ways to gain flexibility and release tension.

    • Kersten,

      You answered half of the question yourself. For every muscle in your body there is another in constant conflict pulling the other way. When one side becomes stronger than it’s counter part, we call that (cleverly) “muscle imbalances”. So part A) of what you need to do is get a Swiss ball and start working your trunk and core (not just your abs). Part B) go get a foam roll ( and lay across it a few minutes a day. I can send you links to specific exercises and stretches. Butyou need to loosen up those overactive muscles before the kinetic chain (basically the skeleton and such) gets too out of whack.

      We can definitely talk more about this if you need more specifics


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