Day 1 – It has begun!

So the whole point of tier 1 is to start slowly.  BUT YOU DO HAVE TO START.  Wherever you are on your diet, strength, cardio you need to put MORE into it, but don’t worry about going 0-60 in one day.  As such, I’m upping my game, but still taking it a little easy.

I bought a double jogging stroller off Craigslist so that my wife, children and I could “run” to the gym (2.8 miles) instead of drive.  This will be much better then wasting time on treadmills and elipticals once we get there.  Howerver, it being day one, and Natalie having NEVER run on the street in her life we ran in brief spurts but mostly briskly walked all the way there and only briskly walked home (still 5.6 mile walk for Natalie/Me pushing over 80lbs of children, stroller, bag and water was a nice warmup)

Our workout at the gym was also a bit mild.  We spent less time than we usually do, and concentrated mostly on stretching and balance to gear up for the 90days to come.

Food — I’m definitley starting strong, but am not being crazy about calorie counting yet.  I’m just getting back into my “Never Be Hungry – Never Be Full” rule.  As such:

7:30am – Muscle Milk (preworkout didn’t want anything too heavy in my stomach)

10:00am – Protein shake (postworkout protein will be covered in tier 2, and I just wanted something to get me home)

10:45am – Steel cut out meal (Large bowl – sweetened with Vanilla Almond milk and less than 1 tbs honey)

— Post again this evening, But untill then! —–


4 Responses to “Day 1 – It has begun!”

  1. cutzietoo Says:

    I am Hawaii bound April 2nd that’s my deadline I have 60 days to look decent in a bathing suit so I’m in I think the video which made me laugh got me!

  2. I’m in – I guess. I’ll be attempting to blog my way along with you guys. So far day 1 is right on track, eating every two hours, and today was belly-dancing class at work (yes, it’s as awkward and fun to work out with coworkers as it sounds) so check and check.

  3. I think I’m eating more frequently than every two hours… but I keep feeling hungry. I think I’m eating too little at a time (and I have to maintain my calorie intake for nursing.) Now what to do for exercise-ish stuff. I stayed home sick from school today, so I think I’ll do some good stretching and maybe turn up some music and dance for 10-15 minutes and call it my day.

    • Lyz,

      As I was just told one of my other clients. You need to be careful calorie counting while nursing. Milk production burns soooo many calories, its insane. Make sure you talk to your doctor before limiting your calories too much. That having been said. As long as you aren’t going over said calorie goal, grazing isn’t a problem. It becomes a problem when you eat too much.


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