Day 1 – Continued

So, how are we doing?  It’s always going to take a few days to get into a new regement, so it’ll be tough, but lets keep going!  Remember the basic 3 things we are “rebooting”

1)Heartrate – We need to start getting that up to “huff and puff” high for 20-40 minutes 3-5 times a week

2)Strength – 5-15 minues 2- 4 times per week – at this point some serious stretching and balance excersize to wake up those muscles and improve the vasuclarity and blood flow, this is going to come in handy.  I don’t want to have people spending too much money on this, but if you have the means to pick up a foam roall for self-myofascial release stretching, it really is a miracle cure for many problems.

3)  Digestive system – We are retraing your stomach to expect/require less food and realize that it will be getting more food soon.  The mixture of these two things will help ebb hunger, strange cravings and will train your body to use the better foods and reject the occasional “slip up” (which won’t happen for 90 days, right?)

With a new heartrate, better vascularity, flexibilty and strength through our muscles and a newly reformatted digestive regulation we will have effectivley (in 90 days) rebooted our metabolism!


todays menu – continued

1:00pm – organic granola meal bar

3:30pm – greek yogurt (pomegranite if you are curious)

6:00pm – scrambled eggwhites and a half handfulf of cheese (olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and horseradish – sounds weird but it gives flavor and ketchup has too much sugar)


I’ll probably have a snack of celery and peanut butter in a few hours before bed.


How did your first day go?


6 Responses to “Day 1 – Continued”

  1. Focused on eating minimally-processed foods. Ate fairly often. Not feeling so hot, but it may be a bug going around my family.

    So, Kirk, where can I go to learn more about self-myofascial release? I’ve got the squishy foam exercise mat (5/8″!) so I’m ready.

  2. I had a granola bar when I first got up, a peanutbutter apple after I worked out, Eggs and toast for breakfast. I drank what I thought was a ridiculous amount of water. For the work out this morning I did P90X plyometric work out and it just about killed me. I could barely make it up the stairs to put my kids to bed. Great first day!

    Where can I find out about myofascial release?

  3. Well, the work out things went great! The eating thing went great! I drank lots of water. Nothing profound yet but I’m working on it.

    I will say though that at the end of the day I ate a lot less supper then I usually do.

  4. Fascia is a grey connective tissue that encompasses your entire body. It surrounds your muscles organs everything. It holds you together, kinda literally. It is made of millions of stretchy fibers that run the length of your entire body. As such a twist in one part can result in pain, pressure, or kinetic chain imbalances in a separate part.

    I was luck enough to come accross a Myofascial Relaese clinic several years ago in northern california. There I went in for an intensive treatment where a therapist helped rewire and rework my body 3 times a day for a week. I went from walking with a cane, to feeling like a million bucks!!!

    Most people aren’t in need of that kind of intensive treatment, which is good, because there are only a handful of treatment centers in the country. I just got really lucky.

    The good news is, that MOST peoples fascial problems can be reduced, alleviated with Self Myofascial release. This involves using a foam roll (easily found for $10 – $30) and using a variety of REDICULOUSLY painful stretches. It honestly feels like someone is massaging a goathead (thorn) under your skin. But you can literally feel them POP and release. Most people can feel they stand taller, walk straighter and feel better pretty fast.

    I’m not particulary qualified to get to sciency or technical. As a trainer, I’m trained to show people how to do them (pretty hard over the internet). But here is a really cool site.

  5. Self-myofascial release is easily the best thing I got from working out with a trainer last year. When I remember to do it I’m amazed at how much better I feel – thank for the reminder, I haven’t done it in ages!

    My first day went pretty well, there was an incident with moose munch mid afternoon, but I chucked the bag, so it won’t be a problem today. And I didn’t let it screw up the rest of the day, so I’m proud of my baby steps.

    • The first day went fine. I actually had trouble eating enough calories. I wasn’t hungry, since I had eaten all day, but I was sitting there trying to force a banana into my mouth so I would bump my calorie intake over 1200.

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