1st day… I can’t breath

I really have to hand it to Kirk. When he decides to do something, he does it. Within a half hour of deciding we needed to run to the gym each morning he was on Craigslist buying a double stroller. Most of the trip was a brisk walk. He was very patient with me. I know he wanted to run it. (he runs it all the time)Don’t get me wrong; it still about killed me.

The nice thing about “walking” to and from the gym is that I can stretch at home. A lot of my stretches are very “legs spread” type stretches and I feel very self-conscious doing that in such a public place.

There are some girls at the gym that are exhibitionists with their stretching. I mean really sweetie…  I am sure it is nice that you can bend like that, but we don’t all want to watch your ritual-mating dance.


4 Responses to “1st day… I can’t breath”

  1. ok natalie, even though you are a skinny minny (yuck) I understand and I am going to try to do this with you all check out my announcement at http://www.thelowdownlow.blogspot.com Miss you guys!!

  2. GO NATALIE GO! And boo for exhibitionists a the gym. Egad.

  3. Tanya, I checked out your blog. You look better than I did when my youngest was a year.

  4. At least you made it. I wish I had the time to run back and forth from the gym…or at least walk. Since Matt has to watch the baby now (who hates the gym) I’m usually on a time crunch to get back, unless I go at 9 at night. Also the sidewalks are still ice here. Haha…I am tempted to get a double stroller in the spring because there’s a great walking path up in the canyon. I’ll talk a before picture. But no one seeing it until I hit my goal weight.

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