Woah, Woah, What Now!?!


…So Kirk is getting some pretty ambitious ideas. He is talking getting a double stroller so we can pack the girls up and “Run” the almost three miles to the gym every day. Then of course, after a 2-hour workout that almost kills me, we will “Run” home. I can already tell this is going to hurt… a lot.


Apparently running as part of my workout is one of the fastest ways to shed pounds and build endurance. I just have to make sure to do strength training so my body doesn’t cannibalize the muscle. Oh, and I have to actually run and keep my heart rate up or it doesn’t count. Then he said something about the length of my stride and Blah… strides…Buzz… Buzz…Cardio… white noise.


I know what your thinking… skid… skid… crash… Yea, me too!



One Response to “Woah, Woah, What Now!?!”

  1. Adam Brooks Says:

    I love the run to the gym idea. I have always thought that it was funny when I went to the gym and saw people fighting for the close parking spots. I will be starting to run as part of my workout tomorrow morning, I’ll keep you updated.

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