T- 1 day. We start Tomorrow!

There really is only one thing to do the day “before” you start any physical fitness regime or intense diet of any kind.  That is, of course, take some before pictures and measurments.  Its nearly impossible to chart success without a baseline and a goal.

Taken today 199.5lbs

Taken today 137lbs

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 199.5lbs
Shoulders: 48
Chest: 40.5
Waist: 34
Biceps: 14.5/14.5


5’6 :Height
137lbs :Weight
38.5 :Shoulders
35.5 :bust
30.5 :Waist
38 :Hips





Go out, take some pictures, take some measurements and make a goal.  Then, if you dare… Send them to us. We are making ourselves accountable to you, lets do this together.  Nothing would make us happier than to start a gallery of people joining us on this.  We’ll have our befores, our afters, and our bragging rights, ALL TOGETHER!

Don’t forget to set your goal, both challenging yet achievable.  My “hard” (what I MUST achieve to be successful) goal is 190lbs.  OR under 15% body fat.  My “soft” (what I’m shooting for) goal is 185lbs or 12% bodyfat.

Natalie’s “hard” goal is 128lbs and “soft” is 122lbs

Or, in the “pictures-are-worth-1000-words” department:

Yea - that'll do

Yes Please


9 Responses to “T- 1 day. We start Tomorrow!”

  1. Kirk, a question about water: how would you suggest going about getting in our 3 qts a day? I know drinking it all at once is a baaaad idea….

  2. Great question Lyz! To which I will answer: Anyway you can!

    I haven’t met the person that can drink 3qts of water in a sitting without bursting, so that isn’t likely a solution for anyone. Spreading it out as completely through the day as possible is best, as to keep saturation as regulated as possible. But I try not to make it that difficult.

    A solution that works for many people. Get a container that can hod the 3qts. Fill it in the morning and put it in the fridge. As long as its empty by the time you go to bed. It doesn’t all that much matter.

  3. Is there an e-mail to send the picture and measurements to or what is the best method?

  4. I took the pictures and did the measurements, but I don’t think ANYBODY needs to see that. Srsly.

  5. Lyz,

    Thats the POINT of BEFORE pictures!!!! We have a few that people have sent. But we want MORE! c’mon… its not like anybody is gonna see it. This is the internet, its my understanding that nobody ever uses it!


  6. Kirk, knowing your rapier wit and your tendency to … shall we say, speak your mind? … I think you’re at the TOP OF MY LIST of people I don’t want to see these pictures. Egad. I can just imagine. 😛

  7. (In other words, convince me to send you this incriminating evidence. I dare you.)

  8. Lyz,
    I promise not to look, I will get them and post them with a blindfold. Its just my gallery of 90dayers I’m thinking of.

    Not one sarcastic comment I promise! Anyway, the worse the before picture is the better the victory for us all when you conquer it!


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