Answer to a comment – seemed of public interest

  1. Suzanne says:

    Kirk (and Natalie),

    I’ve been wondering about this for a while, ever since I started reading your online articles. What do your kids eat? For how concerned (obsessed? :)) you seem about eating healthy, Kirk, I have to assume you want your kids eating the same way? Not all of your “rules” or suggestions work for kids, though (i.e. the don’t drink anything but water–I really do think kids need milk; in the case of our kids they especially need the extra fat). I feel like I’m fairly health-conscious when it comes to what our family eats, although I’m by no means extreme. So what suggestions do you have when it comes to feeding an entire family, including kids? How much does your 90-day reboot affect their day-to-day diets and activities?



  2. Squeegy,

    You are absolutely correct about Milk. My children do drink milk, and water. Thats it (diluted gatorade on hot florida days for electrolytes). Juice has just so much sugar, calories and messes with proper digestion (or can aide it if used appropriatly, but thats not what you asked.)

    As far as “what” they essentially eat what we do. We try to keep things as organic, unprocessed and well balanced as possible. The children’s largest meal of the day is breakfast and we try to regulate what foods they get and when. They have (with very few exceptions) never had candy or cookies and When they ask for “treats” or “snacks” they mean raisins.

    Breakfast is most often a homeade combination of oatmeal and cream-of-wheat because of the healthy carbs, fiber and especially iron (Salem is a touch anemic).

    The rest of the day depends, but usually consists of steamed (fresh) or canned vegetables. Seriously if my kids could eat noting but green beans, corn and broccoli they would. A peanut butter sandwhich (organic peanut butter, whole grain bread, natuaral no preservative jams) or sometimes, tortillas and cheese.

    Black beans, brown rice, quinoa, scrambled or boiled eggs, all hit the Westwood table with decent regularity. As well as chicken breasts and fish fillets. However, my kids (salem specifically) doesn’t like meat of any kind. Its a sad thing for a father to deal with, but I love her anyway.

    Apple slices, bananas, oranges, pretzles, multi-grain cheerios (dry) and wheat thins are the mid day munchie snacks.

    As far as integration into the reboot. A big part of the system is just based on giving your body the fuel it needs at the time of day it needs it. I.E. Carbs and fibers in the morning, proteins and fats in the afternoon (oversimplification). So the only thing that is different for my children is quantity. We by no means measure their food nor, monitor their consumpion. They are encouraged to eat as much as they would like (within reason).

    We are also never crazy about what happens when we aren’t in control. At friends homes, they have been given juice or foods we wouldn’t have ever made, we don’t stress too much about it.

    As I am currently studying, there are physialogical differnces between children and adults and I make sure to adjust for them (like the milk thing)

    As for excercise, natalie and I are really blessed to be both near a gym with an AMAZING child care facility, and a HUGE park, both of which our children love and between the two our workout is covered. Just today, I carted a kettlebell (russian weights) to the park and worked out while they played.

    The 90dayReboot can absolutely be tailored for a family, because all of the “rules” of the system are based on the requirements of a healthy active body, and as such are basic for all ages and activity levels. It can be shifted and taylored for nearly any special need.

    Wow, hopes that answered your question. But I wanted to give a full answer because it seemed reasonable that someone else might be wondering similar things.




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