You know the term “misery loves company?” That is how my husband feels when ever he makes a life style change. Two years ago he quit soda. Suddenly I wasn’t allowed to drink soda around him. I was harassed and told in detail how unhealthy soda is. When he started working out, I got dragged to the gym every day. Now he is doing a 90 day reboot and somehow I got roped into doing it with him. For some reason Kirk is determined to live forever and he doesn’t want to do that alone either.

Okay! My new years resolution was to have abs I could bounce a quarter off of and I have always wanted to look like Marisa Miller. But, I didn’t sign up for this brand of crazy. I go to the gym because it is two hours of someone else watching my kids. Now I have to eat healthy and all that crap!

The eating thing will be the hardest. I workout so I can eat whatever I want. The problem is that, even though I maintain the same weight from week to week, I never have lost the last 8 lbs since having my kids and my abs are a little squishy. So, apparently I am doing this.

You have heard of a stress smoker. I am a stress chocolater. I usually have a bag of Lindt chocolate hidden away in a drawer and indulge at the end of a stressful day. “What no one sees me eat doesn’t count,” I have always said. So I have a day to get rid of all evidence of my bad habits before “Mr. Healthy-Healthy” takes control of my diet. Much like a last cigarette, a last piece of chocolate is better than sex; I should know I have had about a million of them. I have one left and it really will be the last one… for 90 days!




  1. your misery is really entertaining to the rest of us.

    kirk, you’re a good man.

  2. You know, we did try to warn you…. Not that this was exactly what we were thinking about when we tried to warn you…. XP (Love you, Kirk.)

  3. cutzietoo Says:

    Goodluck I wish I could join you maybe I’ll try to play along 🙂

  4. YOU CAN DO IT!! You ALREADY look great so after this you better sign yourself up to be a model!

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