Why a 90day Reboot?

90 days isn’t arbitrary.  There are several different systems working in your body at the same time.  Your muscle system, cardiorespiratory system, digestive system; not to mention your brain telling you out-and-out lies about what it thinks you need.

These three systems combined (digestive, strength and cardio) roughly make up your metabolism (there is way more to it, but that’s what we are working with).  Anytime you are losing weight, whether you know it or not, you are using the law of thermodynamics, simply put: You must burn more calories than you consume.  It’s these 3 systems that do that.  Every fad diet out there plays on this law in a different way.  But the reason most of them don’t work is that their implementation is often nearly impossible to maintain.

The lemonade cleanse WORKS! But so does anorexia.  Pre-made mail order food diets WORK! But they control all the variables and don’t teach you how to maintain it.  They essentially enslave you to their product.  Atkins, Southbeach and The Zone WORK!  And frankly, if you can do it, DO IT!  But they each play off one very specific nutritional concept that allows for nearly no variety and a tiny margin of error.

My system: The 90 Day Reboot, does not ensure nor even claim that you will have permanently reach your goals in 3 months.  What I am saying:  In 90 days, you can retrain your eating habits,  build several pounds of calorie killing muscle and reset your resting and active heart rate; all combined, essentially resetting your metabolism.

After 90 days, it isn’t back to life as usual, because 90 days after that… you will have reset everything back.  This isn’t a fad diet, this is a lifestyle change.  The first 90 days are the hardest.  There is a 0.01% cheating policy and it won’t be “easy”.  But, weather the storm and after 90 days I PROMISE your desire to cheat will have ebbed significantly.

One of the original tenants of my diet 2 years ago was NO MORE SODA, AT ALL.  For a long time I went without so much as a drop.  More recently I’ve had a sip or two, here or there,  and I’ll tell you SO DISGUSTING (this has more impact if you know just how much soda I used to drink).  If you retrain your body to like natural foods, good proteins, healthy sugars and unprocessed flours, completely fasting from the other stuff for 90 days — you can absolutely have the occasional donut after that, and “occasionally” will be good enough.

2 years ago I crudely did this twice.  My first 90 days was all nutrition, my 2nd all excercise (and I lost over 50lbs).  I did it, it worked, but I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.  Now, 2 years later, I’m doing it again.  This time doing them both at the same time.  Playing into my metabolism with as much precision as possible and bringing you along for the journey.

Do it with me, ask questions, leave comments, suggest alternatives.  Like it was 2 years ago, this is (and probably always will be) a work in progress.  But every client I’ve put on this 90 day system has seen staggering results!


2 Responses to “Why a 90day Reboot?”

  1. Alright, Kirk. You got me. I’m with you (as long as my doctor/chiropractor/health guru man doesn’t tell me my body isn’t ready for this yet — which, if you’re doing the kind of thing I think you are, he won’t.) What am I changing starting this Tuesday, exactly? Give me some instructions.

  2. I’m with you as well Kirk. I’m not really overweight, but my diet is less than healthy. Far less than healthy. I’m sure my body could deal with some food that wasn’t full of sugar and processed.

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